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waiting for a day like this to come

I just got around to watching the latest episode of Girl Meets World only to come into the discussion thread and find a bunch of comments like "Does Maya's crush on Josh make anyone else uncomfortable" and "Even if the actors were playing their real ages it would still be icky" and "Illegal!" and "I hope they drop this plot soon" and so on and...

Um, yeah, I'm still shipping it hard. Inapprops? Yeah, hi, I don't care.

I've got ships way more inappropriate than this.

And, hey, at least youtubing tweens are with me.

But, man, was that the most Disneyfied college party ever. I went to a Baptist college and things were wilder than that.

I do see the point of some comments, like, "I'm getting the feeling it's all about what Maya wants. She wants Josh, so who cares about what Josh wants. She wants Shawn to marry her mother, so we're supposed to not want him and Angela back". But... that last part I can't get behind, because I never got Angela. I watched Boy Meets World a lot the first couple of years and then kind of petered out around the later high school/college years (and I still thought Cory and Topanga were way too young to be getting married), so if we're hoping for plots to get dropped, I'd be perfectly happy to never see/hear about Angela again. Move on, Shawn. Not with Katy necessarily, but you're too old to still be hung up on a high school girlfriend, son.
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