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Idiot Control Now
bees on pie, burning rubber tires
two days is just enough
We actually had a really nice visit with my parents. It's amazing to get a reaction of "Wow! And just think, you guys live here" when you take people around instead of the "Meh, we've seen trees before" attitude of D's mom.

We took them to Wakulla Springs to ride the boat, hoping to see birds and alligators as you do; D and I had been before a couple months ago, and this time we actually saw a manatee! D was so excited to see a manatee in the wild instead of in an aquarium.

Then we took them down to the beach for dinner at a place we like, and since my dad's not a beach person, we just took our shoes off and walked a bit instead of swimming.

D: Look at those cute little footprints. Are those yours?
Me: Yes, there's only one set because I was carrying Jesus.

So I'm hoping my sister will bring her kids down at some point, and my mom says she's definitely coming back with my Godmother. Completely different experience than dragging D's mom around, who will probably never set foot in this state again.

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