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The inspection report wasn't as bad as it could have been, but there were a couple of seriously troubling issues that took the wind out of our sails.

We've put in our repair list with both the things they are contractually obligated to address and a few requests that really should be dealt with (and should be no surprise to them, as they've only owned the house four years and these same things probably appeared on their own inspection report--and they probably negotiated a lower price because of it, while we went in with a full price offer).

We'll see what happens. Our agent doesn't think we're being too unreasonable given the many other repairs we're going to have to take on ourselves, but I think he's getting a little frustrated with D trying to micromanage the whole process. If you've learned anything about D over the years, he has this OCD control freak nature about him, and he will tell me how to do everything, and I tried to joke to the agent, "Welcome to my life" when D was wanting to rewrite the way the agent had worded our repair list. I mean, dude, the guy is a professional and knows how to do his job, this isn't the first repair list he's ever written out, stop parsing every single damn word.

I know he's just paranoid about it all going pear-shaped though. If you've learned anything else about us over the years, it's that we absolutely hate to be at the mercy of other people. Waiting for their response to this and wondering if we are going to have to build after all is more stress than we really want.

Because if this doesn't work out--and God willing, it will, because we're already 1K in the hole from these inspections and the appraisal--we're done looking and will just build. And that will suck because it will probably take around five months, which means if we had started that process two months ago, we could have been halfway done by now.

But yeah, in the immortal words of Mr. Tom Petty, the waiting is the hardest part.
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