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the thrill is gone, gone, gone

We had (and paid for) our reinspection Tuesday to find that some of the repairs haven't been done. Some of them won't be done until TOMORROW, and one is in dispute that it even needs to be done at all, even though it showed up on both of our previous inspection reports.

We're supposed to close on Monday and we have no idea if things are going to be done by then. These sellers and their agent have been so cagey and we just have no trust that they're doing what's required of them by f'ing CONTRACT. There's such a thing as operating in good faith, and they're just not. Their agent was supposed to be at the reinspection but she apparently chickened out and didn't want to have to face us and answer our questions directly, and then she "lost her phone" and has only been communicating with our agent by email, which you know if you've ever only communicated by email is extremely inefficient in situations like this.

We put a deposit on a fridge last week and still can't give them a delivery date. We got a quote from a painter and can't buy the paint or let him know when we're ready to start. It's the sales tax-free holiday weekend on stuff we need like furniture and linens and we can't buy anything because we don't have anywhere to put it.

This is supposed to be exciting, but it's not. We're so sick of it all. And our upstairs neighbors apparently turned their apartment into an all-night Chuck E Cheese. We'd been up until almost midnight anyway watching the debate and post-debate chatter (which basically amounts to an Andy Richter "Memba this?" segment), but then there was a bunch of running up and down the stairs and giggling and yelling that woke us up at 2am. Not only does our bedroom face the parking lot, it shares a wall with the stairs. When we looked at this place, it was 2 in the afternoon and seemed pretty quiet. Yeah, 2 in the afternoon is about the ONLY time this place is quiet. And when it's not an all-night Chuck E Cheese up there, I guess the FSU football team must be running non-stop drills for the new season.

Our agent will be so glad to see the back of us. I know he's about done with D--and D has the awareness to know it too--but he's a good guy and always professional, but the more frustrated we get, the more he has to hear about it, and I know it's wearying. I couldn't do that job.

So are we moving next week like we're supposed to? Who can say. I assume so, but nothing is definite. We have the fridge on hold, we have the movers on standby, we have the cash ready to wire for our 50% down payment, we've half-packed, but we're just sitting here in stasis waiting for it to all fall apart at the very, very last minute.

We should have built. We're never doing this again.

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