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We'll be spending this week recuperating from having my sister, her boyfriend, and her kids here for five nights last week. I've got a ton of laundry.

I know with the long drive, it made sense for them to spend five nights, but dang, that is a long time to have people in your house. And because they got a late start on the way here, they didn't arrive until after 11 pm. D rousted them the morning they were leaving, even thought they said they were in no hurry to get home, and got them out of here by 8:30. I mean, it's a 13 hour drive. Get going.

When they left, D and I basically looked at each other and said, "And that's why we don't have kids." I know my sisters and I fought a lot growing up, but I never realized how tiring it is to listen to nonstop bickering for four days. They are just mean to each other.

And sadly, it seems the older my nephew gets, the less interests he has. I thought he used to like reading. I had a $5 BAM coupon, and he said he wanted to go, so I offered it to him. He spent it on candy. And all he ate was junk. Cookies, candy, ice cream. (I had made cookies and bought the ice cream, and he asked, "Aunt L, are you going to make that strawberry cake?" I said, "I made cookies and bought ice cream, so no, I'm not also making a cake.") He used to be a better eater. We made black bean quesadillas for dinner one night, and he'd said he was starving until he found out what we were having. Then he said, "Are we having a side with that?" Then he just sort of picked at it and pulled out all the vegetables.

Which was still better than my sister's boyfriend. Yes, he's back, the one who rejected a restaurant hamburger for having a tomato on it or something. I asked her when she wanted to know if he could come along whether he had any allergies, because we'd be cooking a couple of dinners. She said no, and maybe I was too subtle, but that was my way of asking "Is there anything I should not make?" He wouldn't even touch the quesadillas because of the beans. He apparently doesn't like any beans--black beans, refried beans, chili beans, baked beans, nothing. Usually we make chili for company because it's an easy, filling, one-pot meal, so it's good we didn't go that route. One board I read refers to "manbabies" when talking about these supposedly grown men who are picky eaters and only want chicken nuggets or grilled cheese. I didn't think they actually existed. D ended up making this guy a special snowflake dinner of ramen soup, because as rude as it is to not even try what your host is serving, it's not proper to let your guest go hungry. So whatever.

God bless my niece who seems to be the best eater. She liked the quesadillas, liked the chicken dinner we made (although actually everyone ate that one), and didn't seem quite as into shoving candy and fritos down her gullet as the two boys.

They are still all addicted to iphones, though. We drove them down to the beach and everyone was playing games. I remember when my grandpa would go on car trips with us, he hated when I would read instead of look out the window. I guess I'm getting cranky to think kids should enjoy the scenery and have conversations and stuff.

We also took them to the state park to see the manatees, so that was pretty cool for us if not them. Even though it's October, we saw about six, compared to just the one back in June. Lots of gators, too. And there was a sign saying the lodge is going to be showing The Creature From the Black Lagoon in 3D for Halloween, so I hope we can go back and see that. I'm not much for Halloween, so that would be a fun alternative to the typical thing.
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