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glyph glitch

Since I basically played all five Tales games I bought for my PS3 in the last nine months or so, and I haven't turned in my coins for Zestiria yet, I remembered that when D was setting up the TV and stuff in the living room, he also managed to squeeze the old PS2 in there.

So for old time's sake and that, I got out ToA and tried to remember just where the heck I'd left off that abandoned third play.

I got used to the skits being voiced in the other games, so the awkward silence during skits seems so strange now. And the Symphonia pack had original voices for both, so I'd forgotten just how bad some of the English voices are. Oh, I'd remembered Tear's terrible voice, but Ion's is nails-on-a-chalkboard bad. And I think Peony's English voice is one of the reasons I couldn't stand him at first. (And how come you can go into the audience chamber and he's there, then you can go downstairs to his room and he's there, too? Does he have a fireman's pole behind his throne or what? Oh, one's a replica, duh! As Ben Seaver once realized, "That's how my room gets so messed up!")

I'd apparently left off right before Natalia makes up with Ingojerk and we have the peace treaty meeting, and so I started there then quit right after fighting Sync down in the core. (I still couldn't do that damn glyph. My controller isn't precise enough, and I don't know why Tear's yelling at me to hurry when if I screw it up, I can start over. Either I need to hurry or not! I just couldn't hold my mouth right long enough to get it pointed in the right direction.) And I remembered to go see Jo in Kaitzur because Guy gonna need some new threads. That's the only title of his I missed.

D got to see the Natalia part, even if the English "acting" strips any of the emotion out of the scene, particularly where she tells Ingo that not being his daughter hurt more than not being the princess. It's just... blah. I got spoiled by the original voices in the anime. English-voiced Ingo doesn't seem to give a crap.

D: Listen to her go. You love her.
Me: That is my girl. You wish she was our queen.
D: I actually do. I'm not even bullshitting.

And why did they all keep saying "seventeen years of memories" when she's nineteen, right? I mean, the dates of her birthday and the current month/year are explicitly given in canon. Was he just not into it the first two years?

So it was fun for a few hours, but without any new surprises, I'll move on to something else for now. Maybe this'll help me remember why I'm supposed to be going to Belkend when I turn it back on in a year or so. Go see the medic, Tear!
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