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ten minutes at a time

Five books and one manga for September and October. I hope I didn't set any sort of goal, because this is sad.

Inherit Midnight by Kate Kae Myers
The Borrower by Rebecca Makkai
The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion
The Romance Readers' Book Club by Julie L. Cannon
Innocence by Kathleen Tessaro

Say I Love You v6

Midnight I read based on a review in EW that compared it to The Westing Game, which is still after thirty-some years my second-favorite book ever. It was... fine, but that's a high standard to live up to. On its own, I did like it, though, although some of the supporting characters could have used more depth.

Rosie was the best of this lot and an enjoyable take on the romcom, and then at the far other end of the spectrum, The Borrower was awful. It highlighted why I don't usually like first-person fiction, because if the narrator is insufferable, you can NEVER get away from them. I would have appreciated ANYTHING from the boy's point of view on why he was running away, instead of some asshole liberal thinking she knew better than anyone. It's funny how liberals are so insecure that they have to make sure you know early and often how much they hate George W Bush (yes, still) and people who believe in God. She reminded me of, well, basically every liberal teenage girl in fandom I've ever come across on the internets.

Innocence is my least favorite of Tessaro's books so far, and I usually really like her, but I can't stand when a main character makes inexplicably stupid destructive decisions.
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