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Idiot Control Now
bees on pie, burning rubber tires
the trouble with expectations
Poor D finally got to see his precious Love Live movie last night, and he was disappointed. At several points he actually said out loud, "I can't believe I waited a year for this."

I got him a Maki figure for Christmas, so I hope that's still the awesome thing I thought it was going to be a month ago when I bought it. I think he might suspect given that he's the one who brought in the package, and unfortunately, with international shipping they have to put that big sticker on the box that says it came from Japan and the contents are listed as "figurine".

We're so behind in our anime this season because we've been so busy (we've hardly watched any Christmas movies, either), and so I've only just seen episode 11 of STARMYU and thank GOD because I wondered if I was going to be personally trolled. I said after episode 1 that if my boy didn't sing I would be sadface.

D, bless his little heart, kind of ruined it by talking through it, because once I started bouncing at the musical cue, he was going, "Why are you so excited? Who is this guy, have we seen him before, are you spoiled or something, how did you know about this?" DUDE. ARE YOU EVEN PAYING ATTENTION DURING THIS SHOW?

This show is pretty cheesy, but I awwwwwwwwed when Shu hugged Hoshitani. It's still far behind my beloved Free! in terms of characters and depth, but for what it is, I'm enjoying it.

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