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part of the problem - Idiot Control Now — LiveJournal
bees on pie, burning rubber tires
part of the problem
Well, we're part of history today, early voting in what's apparently Florida's first-ever Libertarian senate primary. Sorry, Marco.

Worked in the yard for two more hours today. D says it looks good, but honestly, I can't tell. He cut the grass, so that looks good, but all the landscaping is still full of weeds and vines no matter how much time I spend. Wish I could rip it all out and replace it with gravel. I swear, if I ever win the lottery, I'm hiring a yard service.

And Costco fixed my glasses, so at least I have these for the next week while I wait for my new ones. I needed new ones anyway, but if I'd known they'd fix them for free, well, I might have waited after all. But D helped me pick out some new frames, and he was all, hey, I really like these. And I looked at the label and said, "Um, Linda Evans? What am I, seventy?" But I must have tried on everything they had, and sure enough, I went with the Linda Evans frames.

Now all I need are some bigass shoulder pads, a glass of wine in one hand, and my other hand free for slapping Joan Collins.

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