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ao no kanata

There are parts of me skeptical and worried, of course. But:

 photo dive1-2.jpg
 photo dive1-1.jpg


But I mean:

 photo dive1-7.jpg
 photo dive1-5.jpg

I'm worried about our youngsters getting even further left out. There are so many characters at this point and in so many locations. And you're telling me after coming in sixth at Nationals, Iwatobi only recruited two new swimmers? Really? Just enough to keep the relay alive? Come on.

And we've got Rin segregated off in his own plot in a totally different country.

 photo dive1-9.jpg

But I love his wtf reaction to "Rin-kun", like, literally no one calls him that ever.

 photo dive1-8.jpg

And these two need each other. For all my concerns, the glaring obvious emptiness of the lanes next to them, like, someone is supposed to be there! They push each other to be their best. We need to see them together. It's got to happen, right? It's leading there. It has to be.

All these plots have to come together at some point.


 photo take 8.jpg

#fortheteam. This is my team. Yes, even you, Sousuke, even though it took me a long time to warm up to your grumpy ass. The magic is lost if everyone's separated.

Speaking of Sousuke:

 photo dive1-6.jpg

I have no idea what happened in his scene because all I could focus on is that this child is still handwriting letters in 2018. I don't know if he's the last of the true romantics or just a luddite like us, in which case, I may have to love him.


 photo harudancewink.gif

Haru. Dancing. In formal wear. And the wink. Is my everything.

At first I didn't know if the ending would live up to Splash Free and Future Fish. But then there was the dancing. Yes forever to the dancing.

And for D:

 photo dive1-3.jpg
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