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Idiot Control Now
bees on pie, burning rubber tires
he's so perfect!!
So in Eternal Summer we had "Rin getting out of the pool" and "Rin working out" and "Rin explaining things", so now I just want to watch "Rin going about his day": Rin waking up, Rin making breakfast, Rin petting dogs on the street....

 photo dive3-11.jpg

The music was so damn cheeseball though. My headcanon is that he listens to Queen. I'm sticking to that, you can't tell me otherwise.

 photo dive3-6.jpg

Who's paying for this apartment? It's huge, and look at that view! And I had to look at all his stuff, like his fancy collection of salts and why does this boy have a skateboard?

D: He does not need to be on a skateboard. Does he want to bust up his arm like Sousuke and spend his days on a park bench like an old man scowling and scaring small children?

 photo dive3-9.jpg

And Sousuke has a cell phone, so why is he hand-writing letters like it's 1830? I do love that Nagisa seems to be the hub keeping everyone together and informed. Every group needs its social leader.

 photo dive3-10.jpg

"Hey, Rin, there's some random Japanese guy here, do you know him?"
"Yeah, because all Japanese people know each other, racist."

 photo dive3-8.jpg

Natsuya: You went to Sano, right? I went to Iwatobi.
Rin: Iwatobi? So you know Haru?
D: Wow, what a small world.
Me: I guess all Japanese people do know each other. Six degrees of Nanase Haruka!

 photo dive3-7.jpg

"I keep bringing guys to this hotel. Is the universe trying to tell me something?"

Plus his teammates pointed out that they've been going to dinner every night. Um... I stay the hell away from this fandom, but yeah, obvious ship is obvious.

 photo dive3-3.jpg

I did love Natsuya basically calling him a swimslut. "How many guys do you want to swim with?" All of them. All of the guys.

 photo dive3-2.jpg

"Yeah, I'm not really looking for a roommate right now, because sometimes my cute ex-model girlfriend comes to visit, and even though that's all in L's head, let's not make her mad, 'kay?"

 photo dive3-4.jpg

Butterfly effect! Yeah, sweetheart, how does it feel to know your middle school crybaby meltdown indirectly jacked everyone up? Poor baby.

 photo dive3-1.jpg

I can't deal with Coach Creepy, but let's add "Rin dripping wet" to the list of things I could watch all day.


 photo dive3-5.jpg

It's too hard to riff this show because I didn't even get the joke about Gou having those muscle books formed before Rin was all, "My sister has that one." And if Gou's looking for a porn buddy, she needs to give Ai-chan a call, because remember this from A Week with Rin and Nitori?

 photo frfr porn.jpg

And I miss the "See you next water time" stills. Why aren't they doing those this year? My favorite was the one where Nagisa and Rin switched uniforms. I never did really get the interaction between those two that I wanted.

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