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I hate my job, and really the only thing that gets me through is listening to my anime playlist which I loaded up with most of the Free! character songs, and driving home the other night, one of Nagisa's songs came on, and I just thought, "Man, I need some Nagisa."

dive 5-1

dive 5-2

dive 5-5


dive 5-6

Oh, and Sousuke. For real, he has nothing else to do.

dive 5-3

I really, really questioned Rin's decision to make Ai captain given that it seemed based on friendship and not much else, but he's taken a level in confidence or something. Okay, Ai-chan, you rock on.

dive 5-4

Momo, meanwhile, is still a damn kid, and I love it. He's the same age Rin, Makoto, and Haru were in season one. Yep. He's somebody's senpai. Yep.

dive 5-9

Yay, backstory and personality for the new kids! And Rei is captain, which I figured but I guess I never noticed if it was official, and I really, really wanted it to be Nagisa, because the team would not exist without him, but D says Nagisa don't care about that, and yeah, I guess.

dive 5-10

I still want a Nagisa hug. I want to bake him cookies and take him on roller coasters and encourage him to keep working hard. I love him so much. I added "Adopt" to Kill Shag Marry, because you adopt Nagisa.

dive 5-8

Hey (hey), you (you)
I'mma steal your boyfriend
Cuz (cuz) I (I)
need a place to crash, man

This show needs to not put Natsuya/Rin/Sousuke in my head.

Natsuya's such a damn flirt. In that Syaoran/Tomoyo fic that's been kicking around in my head for years, the reason Meiling wasn't around was because I wanted her to move to Sydney and become a swimming groupie, not that I could ship her with Rin because he's just too earnest for her, but Natsuya? I could totally crossover ship Natsuya/Meiling.

dive 5-7

Gah, Mako is going to have so many little girls in love with him.

Me: That's two weeks without Rin. I miss him. But yay for all the Nagisa. He brings sunshine and happiness to my heart.
D: What about me?
Me: Oh, yeah, you too, sure.
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