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Idiot Control Now
bees on pie, burning rubber tires
break our balance
dive 6-1

Oh, goody, backstory for this guy. Yada yada, overwrought Little Mermaid metaphor, homoromantic overtones, yada yada, got it. Let's move on. Especially you, Ikyua--it was seventh grade, get over it.

dive 6-2

Seriously, how does this place stay in business? I'm starting to think it's a front for sports gambling. Nii-chan's not a sportswriter; he's a bookmaker.

dive 6-3

Haru, no. We are not doing this again. Rin and Ikuya's issues are not your fault. Everyone, stop dumping your shit on my Haru.

dive 6-4

"So, you guys haven't talked to Ikuya?"
"No, we need to level-grind some more so we can take out the annoying mini-boss that keeps spawning."

dive 6-6

"Why do you only swim free?"
"I don't know, why does your mom?"

For real, people, stop messing with my Haru. Talk about the great unburdening.

dive 6-7

Hey, kid, go live a little before you tell people how to live their lives. Is there a worse word in any language than "should"? Anyone who tells me what I "should" be doing can go straight to hell.

dive 6-5


Oh. Bye Rin. Weren't you a main character on this show?

Coach Creepy is acting like weird Gou/Miho hybrid here. I'm going to pretend all those random sayings gave Rin a chance to daydream about someone much cuter who enjoys random sayings.

And I'm basically hoping Natsuya comes back and hits on him some more just so Rin has something interesting going on.

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