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coming soooon!!

dive 7-1

So there's two little girls in love with Makoto, and at least one boy questioning everything he thought he knew about himself. "Do I just want to be Coach Tachibana, or...?"

dive 7-2

"You need to get serious." Geez, now we're dumping on Natsuya. They will tell you you can't sleep alone in a strange place, then they'll tell you you can't sleep with somebody else.

You know, for a show called Free, it sure is about shoving people into boxes and guilting them into conforming to everyone else's expectations. Damn show should be called Busybodies!

dive 7-3

Natsuya, you just keep doing you, baby. You're only young once, and you're living the dream. You are captain of your own destiny, and lord, do people hate that.

Although please go back to Syndey, because Rin is just too squared away, and he needs to loosen up.

Who knew Natsuya would be the common tie in all these random plot threads? Boy is pretty, though, so I'm not complaining.

dive 7-4

Again there was some out-loud yay-ing in our house. I love that these three are eating lunch together. Are they in the same class this year? I want them to be best friends forever.

dive 7-5

Thank goodness Rin is actually keeping in touch with his sister so we know what's going on with him. Did we know he was in school? Still doesn't explain that sweet apartment, though, because that ain't no student housing.

For real, though, Rin is such a non-entity this season. Did Miyano have a scheduling conflict or ask for too much money or something?

dive 7-6

Oh, Nagisa, you are my heart.

dive 7-7

I am continuing to love Asahi. I want him and Momo to be friends.

dive 7-8

And Haru in the individual medley. Who saw that coming five years ago?

Me: So is Haru going to be any good at the other strokes, or is it going to be trainwreck?
D: It could go either way.
Me: Too bad Rin's going to miss it. He'd think it was hilarious.
D: Hell yeah he would. "Mako, you better be taping this shit."
Me: "Put it on youtube."
D: It could be called "I only swim free..."
Me: "...and now we see why."

dive 7-9

I just happened to hit pause here as I was finishing up, and... you know, where the heck is this girly-ass room supposed to be? And what's up with all the random stuff? There's some crayons, a dog bone, a banana stand, and where do those stairs go? I have so many questions now.
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