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sunshine season

dive 8-8

Dang, Haru did it. Talk about leveling up. I'm sorry I ever doubted you. I mean, you came in second, but still.

dive 8-7

Makoto really is the world's best mom.

dive 8-6

I love seeing Haru happy. This show is at its best when it's about the healing power of friendship and magical relays, and not everyone just standing around all butthurt and telling other people what to do.

dive 8-5

And I love my Team Drink. Even if they only pop in for a few seconds each episode. Aren't they supposed to be preparing for prefecturals or something? Weren't they trying to get to the invitational too?

dive 8-4

Ayumu-chan is making Gou-senpai proud with her cooking and being all on top of shit.

dive 8-3

It's still weird seeing Mikoshiba-senpai and Haru on the same team, but I'm glad they found a way to keep him around, unlike certain other people who get shipped off to other countries and are never seen again.

dive 8-2

GET IN YOUR BOX, NATSUYA! And you're not really part of this show until you cry, as Rin will tell you. Buy him his first beer and he'll also tell you how he used to be in this show. "Yeah, back then it was about me and my struggle, and my struggle was real, not this xeroxed crap."

dive 8-1

"Oh, and I am still in this show, bitches."
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