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deep moment - Idiot Control Now — LiveJournal
bees on pie, burning rubber tires
deep moment
The world's saddest homecoming:

dive 9-1

"Hey, like, don't bother to come get me and stuff. I've only been in another country for the last few months."

dive 9-2

I was just noticing the "extras" in this scene and how they're sitting ramrod straight and super-serious. The dude behind Ikuya is actively frowning. Geez, who died? This is swim practice, right?

dive 9-3

There's a Mikoshiba sister. Lord help us today.

dive 9-4

Although I may finally have a ship for Haru. And I'm dying for her to meet the Matsuoka siblings.

dive 9-5


dive 9-6

Aw, my Nagisa is going to be graduating. I don't like to think about him all growed up and gone away! What's he going to do? Did his parents ever get off his back? I mean, I understand needing to keep your grades up to stay with your extracurriculars, but this is his life, not yours. Please don't force him into a box!

dive 9-7

"So I'll just ride around randomly all day until there's something for me to do. Dammit, L was right, I should've gone to Miho's."

dive 9-8

Yay, Momo got a toy! You know, Momo's gonna be a senior next year. Yep.

dive 9-9

This makes absolutely no sense and yet explains so much.

dive 9-10

"It's cool, stay where you are, no need to give me a hug or anything. Did I mention I've been gone for months? Hell, Momo was more excited to see me."

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