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Idiot Control Now
bees on pie, burning rubber tires
my base, your pace
dive 10-1

Okay, so I said the dude behind Ikuya before looked like he was at a funeral? These guys behind Isuzu need to get a room. Swimming really does bring out the full spectrum of human emotion, doesn't it?

dive 10-2

Haha, it's like Rin went out of his way to find the most godawful t-shirt in the world. I imagine him sending Natsuya pictures of progressively uglier shirts until Natsuya was like, "That one! That's the one! Doooo iiiiit!"

dive 10-3

I am so confused on the timeline. Sousuke's already had his shoulder surgery and it was a success and he's walking around like Superman. When my husband had shoulder surgery, he was in an immobilizer for a month and had four months of PT.

I'm gonna need to see Sousuke in that t-shirt at some point. Do not let me down, show.

dive 10-4

Yay, the boys are going to Nationals! Also something I'm gonna need to see.

dive 10-5

I love these two hanging out. Things like this are why I love this show. This season has been so uneven with everyone scatted and people disappearing for episodes at a time. I just want little things like this.

dive 10-6

And man have I missed looking at this boy. Stop being such a stranger, Rin!

dive 10-7

"Oh, by the way, I'm gonna randomly bring up this guy for no reason because I'm a twelve-year-old girl, but you know Natsuya-san, right? He seemed cool. He's cool, right? Is it weird that I can't stop thinking about him? That's not weird or anything, right?"

dive 10-8

"Don't get pissy."
"Dude, this is just my face."

dive 10-9

Other things I love are Makoto being the Haru whisperer.

"Um, excuse me, but I speak Haru. So, Haru, you know, like, when there's mackerel?"
"Oh, mackerel! I get it now."

What a great episode for Mako. I like him fine-tuning his dream. He's such a sweet nurturer. Everyone needs a Makoto in their life.

D: You want Coach Tachibana to give you backrubs.
Me: I want Coach Tachibana for a lot of things.

dive 10-10


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