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all I needed was an extra day

Thanks to the holiday weekend, I have a day off for the first time in four months, which means two old ficlets that have been sitting on my hard drive will finally be posted.

The first was written for my favorite writer. I came home from work one day giggling and said to him, "You know what I just thought of that would be funny?" And he was all, "You need to write that down. I need that."

Title: Drowning in the Petriarchy
Series: Free!
Length: 560 words
Characters: Rin, Nagisa

Title: Out of Time
Series: Cardcaptor Sakura
Length: 1087 words
Pairing: Sonomi/Fujitaka

I hope to have more at some point. I have a bunch of stuff started, scribbled on scraps while I'm working, bits and pieces that need to come together somehow. I need more three-day weekends!

I know it's not good form to be complaining about my job when so many people are out of work, but I wasn't allowed to telework, and I've been in the office every day since January. I'm exhausted. With things opening up, we're planning to go to Orlando for a couple days next month and support the tourism economy in our own peculiar way, which is laying at the hotel pool drinking mai tais and then playing mini golf.

So that's the short version of what's up with us.
Tags: ccs, ccs fic, fanfic, free fic, free!, gou/nagisa, sonomi/fujitaka bitches!

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