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Idiot Control Now

bees on pie, burning rubber tires

9 April 1974
Right, so. Looking for a place to put all of my random thoughts and get some feedback without having to burden anyone IRL with my petty problems. Mostly, this is just my little space where I can rant and ramble about things significant and insignificant.

I like English tea, Italian food, and German wine. I dislike people who don't get my sarcasm, people who don't respect the opinions of others, and people who disagree with me.

Sometimes this journal will focus on fandom and fanfic more than real life. Sometimes my entries will be about nothing at all. I write to entertain myself first and foremost.

I own the tsukimineshrine community for writers and fans of Cardcaptor Sakura fanfic.

My fanfiction is now being archived at lchanfics.